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reusable cups redefined.

We wanted to design the perfect reusable cup for people who live on the go. The cup we imagined had to be compact, leak proof, easy to clean and made from the safest materials available. We also wanted it to stand out and be fun to use.


Stojo cups are leak proof. After you finish your beverage, collapse the cup, insert the stopper, and toss into your bag. No other reusable cup offers this level of convenience.

Collapsible & Compact

All of our Stojos are designed to combine simplicity and convenience, so we created a reusable coffee cup that collapses into a disk smaller than 2 inches in height. That means Stojo can fit in your pocket, backpack, purse or luggage, guaranteeing ultra-portability. This isn’t possible with other disposable cups or reusable coffee cups, only with Stojo. 

Made From Safe Materials

While convenience is key to Stojo’s existence, ensuring that Stojo is made from the best and safest materials available is equally important. This means each Stojo is made from recyclable materials such as food grade silicone that exclude phthalates, glues and BPA.

Dual Purpose Heat Sleeve

The best reusable cups have many uses. We included an insulated sleeve to protect your precious hands from everything from hot coffee to iced tea. The sleeve also provides structure to the Stojo cup, making it easier to grip on bumpy trains and long walks on the beach. Turn it upside down it’ll keep your Stojo from tipping over.

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How do I clean the cup?
Unscrew the plastic lid from the plastic collar. Separate the collar and sleeve from the silicone cup. Put everything in the top shelf of the dishwasher or wash it by hand.
How do I reassemble the cup after cleaning?
First – ​Position the plastic collar, threaded side up, above the silicone cup.
Second – ​​Deform the cup into a “C” shape and push it through the collar.
Third – ​Make sure the seal (ie. the top silicone ridge of the cup) sits adjacent to, and completely above, the top of the plastic collar.
Fourth – ​Screw the lid tightly onto the plastic collar to ensure an adequate seal is formed. 
Can I put my cup in a backpack, purse or other bag while it's filled with a beverage?
We would not advise anyone to put the cup in their bag while it’s filled with a beverage. While liquid in all likelihood would not leak out, there is a chance something inadvertent could occur, and we wouldn’t want your cup to be to blame for a drenched bag. For example, if the stopper were to get snagged on a backpack zipper, it could dislodge, and liquid would spill out of the spout. You should feel completely comfortable collapsing your cup into a disk and throwing it in your bag when it’s mostly clear of liquid though (if some moisture and droplets remain inside the cup, they will not leak out when the cup is properly closed).
How warm does the silicone get when it’s filled with a hot beverage?
Heat transfer through the “naked” silicone cup is similar to the heat transfer you feel through a disposable paper coffee cup without a sleeve. When your coffee or tea is at its hottest, the plastic lid and sleeve let you hold the cup comfortably, with very minimal heat transfer to your hand.
Are the materials BPA and phthalate free?
Of course! We use only FDA­ grade polypropylene (#5 recycleable) plastic and LFGB ­certified silicone rubber (LFGB is an EU standard that is considered even more stringent than FDA). We also use no adhesives during assembly.
Where are the cups manufactured?
The cups are manufactured responsibly in China. We share many of the concerns you have about manufacturing the cups there and have ensured the operations involved in manufacturing meet acceptable standards for quality, safety, fair labor, ethical business practices, and environmental responsibility. Our manufacturing and sourcing partner maintains certifications for Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) standards.
How can I order a large cup?
The Stojo Biggie cup (16­ oz) is now available! Shop here.
Can I order any other colors?
What you see is what you get, but we’d like to design more colors in the future (and maybe even color combos). What are your suggestions? Please write us at h​ ​and let us know what color you’d like to see!

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